How do I enter a collision record into the Mapper?

To enter a collision record, you need to start by creating an account. To the right of the Mapper header, there is an account icon that will pull up the login window. At the bottom of the login window is the register option. Once you have entered your account information, you will need to verify your email address. Once you are logged on to your BirdSafe® Mapper account, you can enter a collision report under the menu icon.

Why can’t I locate the building on the map where I found the bird?

Explore different basemaps when you can’t locate a building on the default topographic map. The satellite map tends to be the most up-to-date map. The option for basemaps can be found in the navigation dropdown.

How do I access my reports?

To access your collision reports, you can either locate your report on the map, or search for your entries under the "Explore the Data" under the menu icon. Enter your username into the "From a specific observer" bar. Once you have pressed enter, your reports will show up on the map and you can either click on them individually or scroll through them in the total reports.

How do I edit or delete a report?

Currently you can only edit one of your entries within 7 days of creating it. Once you have found the specific report you want to edit on the map, you can select the report and click the small edit button in the bottom left corner.

If accidentally made an entry and want it deleted, simply email with the details of the specific report and we will delete the record for you.

How do I create a group on the Mapper?

To create a group in the Bird Collision Mapper, simply fill out the group request form at the bottom our GBR Manual and email it to We will create the group and add members for you. Once individuals are registered as part of a group, they can submit reports independently or as a group entry. Make sure to indicate you want to create a group in the subject line of your email.

Why am I not able to edit my collision records?

You have up to 1 week (7 days) to modify a collision record after initial entry.

Why are my collision entries not showing in the correct location?

To ensure the accuracy of a collision location, identify the side of the building where the bird was found, then zoom in to a closer magnification before clicking on the map.

I still can’t find the building on the map where I found the bird, even after I press the ‘Find my location’ icon.

You will find that pressing the ‘Find my location’ icon isn’t always accurate. To ensure you are entering a collision record at the correct location, consider entering the building address into the ‘Find address or place’ field located in the GBCM header.

Why am I not receiving my verification code to register with the GBCM?

When registering as a GBCM user, it can take up to 20 minutes to receive a verification code. Be sure to check your junk mail if the verification code doesn’t arrive.

How do I join a group?

You can request to be part of a group by emailing and providing your account name and the name of the group you are trying to join. We will add you to that group and you will then be able to add entries with that group.

Can I be part of more than one group?

Yes! Once you have an account, you can be part of multiple groups.

Why do I need to include the side of a building in a report?

The side of a building is important because a building can have multiple sides and facades. By indicating which side of the building the bird struck, you are helping to identify the highest risk areas for birds.